Full Grooming

A comprehensive service that includes hair cutting, styling, baths, and nail trimming to keep your dog looking charming and feeling comfortable.

Transform your pup into the belle of the dog park with our complete full service dog grooming. It covers everything from hair trimming to bathing, ensuring your dog looks chic and feels pampered throughout.

Included In This Service

At Doggies and Bubbles, we believe giving your pup the best care doesn’t end at the doorstep. That’s why we offer our exclusive dog grooming services – a tailor-made option that ensures your pet is pampered from nose to tail. Our package includes a soothing bath with premium shampoos and conditioners, a meticulous haircut to keep their coat in top condition, nail trimming for their comfort and safety, and careful ear cleaning.

But it doesn’t stop there; our Full Grooming package encompasses all the essentials and more for the ultimate beautification experience. Doggies and Bubbles prides itself on delivering exceptional service with warmth and precision, making us a trusted choice for dog grooming in Toronto.

Our Full Grooming Process

When you choose Doggies and Bubbles, you’re not just opting for a grooming service – you’re choosing a comprehensive canine care experience. Our Full Grooming process begins with a warm, comforting bath to soothe and cleanse your dog. We then move to a styling session, where expert groomers provide a professional haircut that caters to your pooch’s breed and personal style.

Next, our team performs a thorough nail trim for walking comfort and health, followed by meticulous ear cleaning to prevent infections and keep your dog feeling its best. Our Full Grooming process is designed to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for your dog. We take the time to understand each dog’s unique needs and preferences, adjusting our approach accordingly. With Doggies and Bubbles, you can trust that your pet is in caring, professional hands.

The Perks Your Pup Will Enjoy


Improved Hygiene and Health: Regular grooming helps keep your dog clean, reducing the risk of skin conditions and infections. Nail trimming prevents overgrowth that can lead to discomfort and walking difficulties.


Enhanced Appearance: With a professional haircut and grooming, your dog will look its very best. Maintaining your dog’s coat not only showcases its beauty but also its breed characteristics and personality.


Comfort and Stress Relief: Our gentle grooming process can be soothing to dogs, like a spa day for your pup. Regular grooming sessions can also prevent any matting, tangles, and discomfort in their fur.


Early Disease Detection: During grooming, our professionals can spot early signs of any skin anomalies, bumps, or parasites, enabling early treatment and prevention, thereby keeping your furry friend in top health condition.

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