At PAWMART/Doggies and Bubbles, we handpick an array of remarkable, high-quality pet products, ranging from nutritious foods and treats to chic yet comfortable accessories for your beloved four-legged companion.

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The Importance of High-Quality Pet Products 

At Doggies and Bubbles, we value the well-being of your furry pals above anything else. Here, we proudly offer selected high-quality products tailored to meet the unique sanitary, dietary, and aesthetic needs of your pet. From tasty foods and treats to fashionable, comfortable accessories, every item in our shelves is vet-approved and recognized for its exceptional value.

We believe that investing in high-caliber pet products isn’t just about luxury – it’s a commitment to provide your dogs the best quality of life they deserve. Our offerings not only pander to their taste buds, but also support their growth, development, and overall health. We promise to continually source the best products in the market, ensuring the satisfaction and delight of your pets and their discerning palate.

Discover a Pet Paradise: Visit Our Store Today

Doggies and Bubbles is proud to announce our two-fold pet service! Our clientele now has the luxury to purchase our top-notch products via our online store at www.PAWMART.ca or by visiting our physical store nestled heartily on Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto. Our proudly Canadian store is a welcoming haven for pets and pet owners alike, filled to the brim with a vast array of high-quality products tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs and preferences.

You will not only find an extensive selection of items but also experience first-hand our unwavering dedication to you and your pet’s well-being. So, drop by today, bring your beloved canine companion, and allow us to provide you the “pawfect” shopping experience at Doggies and Bubbles!

Our Pet Product Categories

Pet Wear

Dress up your darling pet in our lovable range of pet wear, exquisitely designed to ensure their comfort and style. From trendy sweaters, chic collars, to cozy beds, our range pampers your pets with the uttermost luxury they deserve. Click the button below to let your pet flaunt in style!

Pet Walk

Long walks, short strolls, or playful jogs – no matter the tempo, our pet walk products make them enjoyable. Discover our robust collection of leashes, collars, and harnesses, assuring your pet’s safety while ensuring a stylish stroll. Ready to walk the talk? Click below!

Pet Foods & Drink

Nutritious. Delicious. Delectable! Our selection of pet foods and drinks satisfies the pickiest eaters, promoting their optimum health and well-being. Good food paves the way for a good life; let’s explore that wonderful journey together. Click below to satiate their cravings!

Pet Grooming Supplies

Keep your pets looking their best with our exceptional range of grooming supplies. Brushes, shampoos, clippers – we’ve got everything needed to maintain your pet’s adorable charm. Ready for a makeover? Click below to explore!

Pet Party Accessories

Celebrations are more joyous with just a little more sparkle. Get your pets party-ready with our festive collection of hats, bandanas, and more. Making every moment count by exploring our pet bash accessories. Click below!

Pet Health Products

Our extensive assortment of health supplies includes everything your pet might need, from all-encompassing vitamin supplements to essential wellness products. Explore our range for a healthier and happier pet by clicking the button below because, at Doggies and Bubbles, we believe in wellness at every stage of your pet’s life.

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Choosing the right grooming products for your pet can often seem like a daunting task. If you have questions about our quality pet products store, this FAQ section is here to help. Learn more about our selection process, product quality, and how to choose the right items for your pet.